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Here's a compilation of feedback from the lovely people who took it upon themselves to take care of the stuff I'm letting go.
This will help build my reputation as a seller, as well as let me know if the items reached their hands safely and if the item conditions are to their satisfaction.
To those who bought items from me, ありがとうございます! <3

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Prices in US dollars.

IMG_4607.JPG IMG_4608.JPG

Photobooks - $25 each
Arashi's Kiiroi Namida Photobook
Johnny's Jr. 2000 Summer vol. 8 Meikan (w/ Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, NEWS, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, Ikuta Toma, etc)
Ohno Satoshi's Freestyle Photobook
Kanjani8 47 Tour Photobook

Jumbo uchiwa - $14 each
Johnny's Countdown 2009-2010 Arashi
Johnny's Countdown 2005-2006 Ninomiya Kazunari
Johnny's Countdown 2007-2008 Ninomiya Kazunari
Arashi ga Haruno Arashi o Yobu 2001 Ohno Satoshi
Arashi Time concert 2007 Aiba Masaki
Arashi Around Asia in Tokyo 2008 Ninomiya Kazunari

an-an magazines - $8 each

Wink-up magazines - $8 each

Gantz visual book - $14 - RESERVED
CUT magazine ft. Ninomiya Kazunari - $35

FLIX ft. Okada Junichi - $7
Cinema Square Ninomiya Kazunari - $12
non-no (with fluffy bag) - $12
SWITCH - $14
mGirl 2011 SS (Aiba's "Midnight Escape" shoot) - $14
H magazine ft. Okada Junichi (and cute dog! lol) - $14
H magazine ft. Gantz - $14 - RESERVED
Barfout ft. Arashi - $14

CUT ft. Okada Junichi - $14
+act magazines - $14 each
NEWSWEEK ft. Ninomiya Kazunari (Iōjima Kara no Tegami) - $12

Arashi 2010-2011 Tour eco bag - $25
Aiba Masaki tour poster - $25
ARASHIC album Promo poster - $25

mini uchiwa - $7 each
Beautiful World
Scene Tour
Matsumoto Jun from Scene Tour

Arashi Around Asia Tour T-Shirt (print damage due to long storage) - $25

ETA (08/17)

image.jpg image (1).jpg

V6 live tour 2008 Vibes phone strap / $22
V6 live tour 2011 Sexy Honey Bunny t-shirt (unused but has some damage) $25
V6 live tour 2013 Oh! My! Goodness! earphone jack/strap / $22

2010 Scene tour hooded towel / $35
2010 Scene tour t-shirt / $40
2011 Beautiful World tote bag / $25
2011 Beautiful World penlight / $25

ETA (08/23)
unnamed.jpg unnamed (1).jpg

Super Junior Happy 1st mini album Cooking?Cooking! - $8
Super Junior 05 (KR Version) - $11
Super Junior 1st single U - $8
Super Junior 4th album Bonamana (Repackaged - KR version - $15

Super Junior 3rd album Sorry,Sorry (version C - KR version) - $15
Super Junior Marry U (JP version) - $8
Super Junior Second Album (KR version) - $11
SHINee 1st mini album - $8

Kanjani8 - PUZZLE limited edition CD+DVD - $5

TOKIO 1st album - $5
U-KISS Only One (Ph version) - $5

BIG BANG 1st JP album (Ph version) - $5
ONE OK ROCK Mighty Long Fall single - $12

NEWS Pacific album regular edition - $10
A set of 9 NEWS postcards from the NEWS 2007-2008 calendar - $4

ETA: 09/07

IMG_4678.JPG IMG_4677.JPG

Arashi singles (brand new, unopened, CD+DVD limited editions) - $20 each
LOVE album (LE) (opened, but never played) $35

Kaibutsu-kun single - $8
Daremo Shiranai / Lotus (opened, gently used, CD+DVD limited editions) - $12 each

V6 - Dasenai Tegami - $6

ETA: 9/29

Time concert phone strap - $40 RESERVED
Dream-a-live caterpillar strap - $40 RESERVED
Beautiful World strap - $30
5x10 charm - $12
Popcorn jack - $12
Tour 2010-2011 pin/badge - $12
Beautiful World charity charm - $12
Gantz strap - $12

Used singles, all LE, very good condition - $20 each
Aozora Pedal A & B - SOLD

Old albums $35 each
Arashi Ichigou (RE)
Here We Go (LE)
How's It Going (LE)
Dream a Live (LE)
Arashi All the BEST (LE)
Boku no Miteiru Fuukei (LE)
Popcorn (LE) (brand new)
Beautiful World (LE) (brand new)

1) Shipping from Quezon City, Philippines. Meet-ups can be discussed for buyers from Metro Manila.
2) Prices do not include shipping fees and Paypal fees, which will be shouldered by the buyer.
3) If you're buying multiple items and/or want to negotiate, feel free to send me a message. :)
4) Not much, but I have feedback here, and here's my eBay feedback page for reference. ;)
5) You can @ me here or FB PM me here, or email me here, for questions, clarifications, violent reactions, etc. I don't bite. :)))

6) First come, first served basis. All sales are final, no refunds, returns or exchanges.
7) Additional pictures will be available upon request.
8) I do combine shipping. I will most likely use the cheapest registered mail I can find, unless you request for a different shipping method (that's available where I am).
9) Items will be sent within 3 business days after the payment is received.
10) I am not liable for any lost/damaged items once they have been shipped.

Thanks for looking!


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While going around Singapore last February, a group of three asked me to snap their picture against the Sentosa sign. Before that, a Singaporean Navy personnel extended an invitation to board a landing ship tank docked in front of VivoCity. A Chinese tourist also all of a sudden talked to me for a few minutes while my sister was taking pictures of the cable cars. I also had a short conversation with a salesgirl who we thought was Chinese but turned out to be a fellow Filipino.

My sister then remarked at how I seem to look approachable, because all of those people went up to me, when they could've also went to her because we were together all the time.

I bring this up because I've never thought of myself as someone who people see and approach easily. I've always thought I was semi-invisible as long as I mind my own business. I've always thought I can't easily talk to and/or be friends with random people.

Now that I think of it, that might not be true anymore.

Case in point #1: Last weekend I was on my way to attend an event at the Makati Shangri-la. As always, I had second thoughts at the last minute, especially because of the intimidating venue. After about an hour setting my phantom balls straight at the nearby Serenitea branch, I marched on to the front of the hotel and asked for information from the first bellhop I saw. I wasn't aware that another intimidated attendee was behind me. As I was going through the front doors she approached me and asked me if I was going to the same event as she was. Long story short, we stayed in the company of each other during the fair, and even after, during the train ride home. I don't know if I will see her again. We don't have contact because neither of us volunteered to keep in touch.

Case in point #2: Almost two years ago I was hanging out alone in front of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, working on my obligatory selfie shot. Another Pinay girl from Dubai was also alone about three feet away, and she was having trouble with her selfie. She asked me if I could take a picture of her and of course, I obliged. We ended up chatting for more than an hour, and after I told her that I earlier puchased a ticket to go up the observatory, she decided to go along with me. Too bad the tickets were already sold out, so we had to part ways earlier. I never saw or heard from her again, because, again, neither of us asked for even our SNS info.

Case in point #3: After the Petronas observatory tour, I didn't want to go back to the hostel yet, and so I hung around the front again. All of a sudden a local guy chatted with me, telling me about how I should be wary of some people asking me for my email address and stuff.. that was also a good hour of stranger conversation.

Case in point #4: Meeting (and keeping in touch with) a couple of fellow ONE OK ROCK fans while lining up for the 2013 KL and Jakarta lives. Another group also offered to keep my belongings in their car after only maybe two hours of knowing each other (I checked out of my hostel before lining up early, as in I was probably the eighth person in line, thinking that KL Live had lockers I can use for luggage) OK, well, that's fandom-related and that's how fandom works, but I'm still amazed at how easy it was to talk to them even if I haven't met them even online before that day.

Case in point #5: I was reading a book while waiting for my flight home at the KLIA 2 when an elderly couple joined me and we chatted for a bit about their Philippine vacation plans (they're Filipino US citizens). Only to find out that they were seated next to me on the plane, haha.

How about that time when a random older guy talked to me and then suddenly invited me to have lunch in front of Ikebukuro station? (However kimochi warui it was, when I thought about it later.) And the time when I just landed at NAIA 3 and an older woman asked me to accompany her to the toilets because she didn't know where it was and she was afraid to go alone? When an old lady distributing free newspaper at Nathan Road tried to speak to me in Chinese thinking I could understand her? Those and probably more that I can't remember at the moment.

I don't know if I just looked gullible or if I really looked approachable, but I guess I'm not really a total non-people person after all.

But I guess I gotta work on the "not initiating further contact" thing.


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It's about that moment when you realize that no one's coming to save you.
You're going to have to save yourself.

We've all experienced it - we realize we're alone in this world.

No relationship, baby, or child is going to fix your life.
No mother or father is going to fix your problems.


December 31
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yung moment na binati ka ng "happy new year" pero akala nung bumati e ibang tao ka.

happy new year talaga.


after three years, ngayon lang ulit nagbisperas ng bagong taon sa bahay.

maulit pa kaya?


sinisipon ako.

December 24
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Christmas Eve will be spent trying to cook. Both things I have and haven't made before. So help me God.


When people help out other people, is it more of a genuine desire to help, or is it more of a tool to help a person feel good about himself?
Suppose either way it would be beneficial to the person being helped out, is it really helping, or is it just bothering and making said person feel more sorry for himself?


I kinda wanna watch Praybeyt Benjamin 2. Need to laugh. Need perfect people to see it with, though.


Happy Holidays to everyone!


December 20
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Yo, universe, I need to see Arashi in concert before I die, okay?


A friend treated me to see Exodus Gods and Kings the other day. First and foremost, the effects were great. Not too over-the-top but very convincing. The alligator scene got stuck in my head until a few hours after I saw it! I also liked how the movie showed Moses "failing" with logic and tactics. I thought the "I am" child was a bit too temperamental (bratty, even) and the guy from "Breaking Bad" a bit useless, but what do I know? I found it funny how the movie had a sort of a shoutout to modern society trying to theorize how the plagues came about, while showing that these speculations might actually not be unfounded, because they actually used some of these guesses to illustrate the climactic point. While I appreciated that I thought Moses was more relatable on this, I felt that the movie was a bit tiresome (I found myself wanting to skip parts a couple of times) and the pacing was weird. Also, for a movie that was inspired by one of the most widely recognized Bible stories, I was still surprised by how much deus ex machina it had, like how Ben Kingsley revealed Christian Bale's genealogy like it was casual common knowledge (soooo convenient!) and stuff like that. I also remember joking with my friend about the "proceed" scene, like how they'd go through that every time, and that my friend may have to try and see how that worked, lol! Now I've watched Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments multiple times as a child (on Betamax!) and I must say that, in my book, Rameses will always be Yul Brynner. But I give mad props to Joel Edgerton and the writers for displaying how borderline insane the Pharaoh was about his child, building up into a conclusion that was more acceptable. There were good and not-so-good points, but overall, I enjoyed it.


Friend and I went to the Fashion Hall around 5:30 PM and was surprised at how there wasn't a queue at Ippudo. We got in not even five minutes after arriving (which was rare, methinks). This was another ramen place I wanted to try and it was fortunate my friend was game. Again, no pictures, not only because I don't, but because I actually don't have a phone with me right now, it stopped working two weeks ago and I can't afford a new one. I might be able to have the HTC repaired, but as of right now money for food (albeit extravagant food) is more important than money for electronics, so...

Anyway, I wanted to try a different ramen variant, but scientific research purposes won out and I went with the simple tonkotsu "Shiromaru Motoaji" (with soft boiled egg, of course!) so I could compare with the ones I've already tasted. Before it arrived, I popped a piping hot piece of "Dashimaki Tamago with Mentaiko Mayo" into my mouth and the whole place just lit up so bright for me! I love eggs, and therefore, I loved it so so much. I ended up eating all 4 out of the 5 pieces we ordered. Tip: it's best eaten when it's hot from the kitchen!

The ramen was so simple and so delicious, I began to understand why this place is almost always packed. Pork was tender, broth so perfect, noodles just right (I always choose hard / regular). Serving was a bit smaller, but still filling. I wished it had a kick of spice, so I guess if ever there will be a next time I should go for the "Akamaru Shinaji." My friend and I got counter seats and I liked it more than when I was in Ramen Nagi a few weeks back. Ippudo tops my Manila ramen list at this point, but Ichiran would still trump it. I have to go visit Little Tokyo again for further research! I just love tonkotsu ramen at this point that I think I'd might as well swim in broth dying. Hahaha!


I received pamasko! At my age, would you believe! What's more unbelievable is that I have to save it! I'm a loser, baby.

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December 16
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How do I stop myself from being a toxic person?

December 11
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I have three weeks.

December 10
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Spent most of yesterday watching documentaries on YouTube. Eventually found Austin Steven videos and watched them until I fell asleep.

I wanna tell you something, but I'd rather not.

I believe that a person sensitive enough would detect at which point another person completely loses hope for him.

I also believe that people aren't indispensable.

Random info because I'm feeling chattier than usual: I think the best birthday I've had was when I was a college freshman, away from home. Chichi was a thousand miles away but gave me a call on my mobile and wished me a happy birthday. On the flipside, I think the worst one was the year after, I was still away from home. I stayed up all night waiting for a call that didn't come.

望まれていない is such an interesting word.



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